Special bag for every day

Have you seen the bags all differences? We are constantly on the hunt for special quality fabrics, belts and ideas. We continue to combine, making the bags all differences. The fabric, belts or finish, you have what to choose! Note also the interior pockets. Convenient and with surprising functions.

Our bags are suitable for every day, whether you go shopping, breath of fresh air on the beach or shopping. Discover for yourself how sturdy and functional they are.

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Why Amsterdam?

Amsterdam, that's where our concept was formed, we have made the drawings and you see a lot in the Amsterdam design. We leave as much as possible in Netherlands. Because why would you search the far, if we close as far as quality?

Dutch save 100% we don't. Contributing to the sustainability of the bag Let's sew work in a small workshop in Croatia. We know who they are, so unsavory practices are excluded.
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The drawings make the bag very special. I discover something new on my bag.

Anna Mei









Do you have a brilliant idea?


Do you have a brilliant idea for the design, a inside pocket or other detail for our bags? Let us hear from you. Maybe we can take it with you and also the design a bit of you.